Fashion Unit

An expert in the new age of style and fashion!

Fashion Unit

An expert in the new age of style and fashion!

In addition to high-quality events, Fashion Unit offers inspiring training for companies and individuals. We also offer professional models, hosts/presenters and public relations personnel/PR persons.

Together. We respect teamwork and the spirit of doing  things together.

With heart. We throw ourselves in with all our hearts and appreciate the people around us. 

Exceeding ourselves. We want to transcend ourselves every time.  

We surprise others. We want to surprise everyone, including ourselves. Development is important to us. ​

Positively. We believe that a positive attitude will lead to better results. We do things in a new and different way. We want to break boundaries.

Fashion Unit 

is a unique pioneer in style and fashion. We offer unforgettable experiences and surprising moments for companies and individuals. With great passion and unwavering professionalism, we produce high-quality fashion shows and events all over Finland. The versatile expertise of Fashion Unit’s models and performers are based on My Style by Fashion Unit coaching.

Our Coaching is for Everyone

regardless of age, size or life situation. My Style by Fashion Unit -coaching and styling helps everyone find their own personal style, highlight their own best aspects and develop their own strengths. Fashion Unit’s My Style coaching are held in Jyväskylä, Lahti, Helsinki and Kuopio.

For Our Partners

We offer extensive marketing cooperation. We collaborate with trusted partners such as photographers and beauty professionals at fashion events. Our operations are constantly growing and evolving. Unparalleled services, events, style knowledge and experiences are promised. Even in rapid growth, we do not forget the cornerstone of our actions “Together and with our hearts we surpass ourselves and surprise others - positively”.


is a natural part of our business. We make annual filming and event trips abroad, carry out import screenings and we are constantly monitoring and anticipating trends in the fashion world. Our models with a foreign background also bring their own international nuance to our services. 

Event Calendar 

Take a look at what’s happening at Fashion Unit! 

To the Events

"At Fashion Unit, I've had the opportunity to grow in an environment where trust and belief in us prevail. I've learned the importance of teamwork and self-improvement in the work we do. Together and with heart!
That's what genuinely shows and feels at Fashion Unit every time we do something. I've gained a lot of confidence and courage, wonderful people in my life, and much more. I wouldn't really be where I am now without you and FU. Thank you to you Johanna and FU for giving me the opportunity, about 10 years ago, to start doing what I love."

 - Sofia Smirnov, Fashion Unit's model. 

“Flexibly tailored professional service. Our members are especially excited about My Style- team coaching and the services offered to individuals. The services combine internal and external self-development as well as networking with other like-minded people on interesting topics.”

- Central Finland Economists Association 

“Things worked again without a hitch with the model, thanks!”

- AlpaFinlandia Oy

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