Fashion shows in shopping centers

A fashion show is an ensemble assembled according to the customer’s wishes. The show can present the trends of the season or be a very avant-garde artistic production. We build a suitable package by listening to the customer.

In the shopping centre Seppä, Fashion Unit has organized outdoor and street fashion, as well as trend and party fashion shows for years.

Palokka Shopping Centre 12th birthday weekend fashion show

"Thank you! The show and style guides were well planned and executed. The credit for the work is 100%"

- Anne Ala-Krekola, Palokan kauppakeskus 

At the Forum shopping centre, in conjunction with the Forumba event, Fashion Unit produced a two-day fashion show showcasing the summer fashion trends. 

Shopping centre Valkea x Fashion event

“Very professionally executed show once again! The models were really nice and friendly, presented the clothes nicely.

The dancing models gave the show even better surprise and showmanship. I'll give a full 10, everything worked out great! Highly professional in all aspects.” 

- Arja Knuutinen, Finlayson Valkea

Fashion show in shopping centre Valkea

"Overall, everything went well at the fashion show in the shopping centre Valkea. The team spirit of the models was very good. Everyone welcomed the new arrival wonderfully.

I feel that there are still some challenges in choreography design that I need to work on. The practical arrangements and scheduling went very well, I was active and focused. I made some small mistakes myself, which I will learn from.

Thank you for allowing me to participate! A really big project all in all to organize these fashion events, great job!"

- Marit Mertsalmi, 54 years, model for Fashion Unit

Event collaborations

Fashion Dinner and cooperation

“Great event, absolutely wonderful. We had clients there and we had a stand during the day. Everything was so well organized and the food was very high quality. The programme was well planned and the time did not come for long.”

“We have had very good cooperation with you for almost 10 years. We have worked very closely and in many different ways and I really like you Johanna because you are so good at coming up with ideas.”

- Sirpa Läntinen, GreenStar Hotel


"With Johanna, ideas take flight and the end result exceeds expectations. The collaboration is effortless and the measures are planned from the start to suit both sides' purposes."  

- partnership officer, JAMK Jyväskylä University of Applies Sciences

Advertising photography


"​We chose Jonna and William for the photoshoot of our new product - Seppä Club app - based on the pictures on the Fashion Unit's website. We were more than happy with our choice. Both models were truly professional and natural. Their cheerful and receptive attitude created a positive atmosphere throughout the shoot. The measurements given on the website were accurate so the pre-selected outfits fitted the models perfectly, which made the shooting day go smoothly"

 "As the shoot progressed, we were pleasantly surprised that both models also had other strengths, such as dancing skills.This versatility added extra dimension to our materials and new energy to the day of shooting. Our collaboration with Fashion Unit and the models exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future."

- Veera Rytkönen, Shopping Center Seppä

Advertising photography in collaboration with Mestarin Herkku

The aim of the advertisement is to communicate the good service and diverse selection of Mestarin Herkku.

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Advertising photography in collaboration with Careeria

 The aim of the advertisement is to increase awareness of study opportunities and to emphasize fun, versatile and practice-oriented studying.

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