We organize events according to the customers needs and wishes. The events we produce are experimental and spectacular entities that are executed with high quality. The event can include, for example, sections related to style and wellbeing, a styling show, live music, or why not a coaching on high heel walking. We carry out events in all kinds of environments, such as shopping malls, stores or customers' own premises. We produce events together and with heart!

Customer events

We always organize customer events according to the customers’ needs. The service includes organization, production of program content, event hosting as well as all other side contents. A customer event can be, for example, a store event, a company recreation day or another private event of the company. It is possible to combine lectures by beauty experts or other side programs, such as style and pampering points, or product presentations with customer events. 

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Fashion Shows

Fashion show is assembled according to the customers’ wishes. The show can showcase seasonal trends or it can be very avant-garde-spirited artistic production. We build a suitable entity by listening to the customer.

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Additional Services for Your Event

Order professional presenters and PR people for your event from Fashion Unit. In addition, we produce professionally designed and professionally implemented content from the event, both in advance and during the event, for example on Instagram. We also offer other social media collaborations such as some account management. We can take advantage of Fashion Unit’s social media networks to market your event. You can reach thousands of followers through us!