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The training packages will be carried out in cooperation with different professionals in the sector. In the selection of My Style by Fashion Unit training, you will find interesting packages. Training and styling provide information on style, fashion and well-being as well as different life situations.

“The team spirit in My Style coaching is great. The joy of success and learning of the trainees is palpable and everyone encourages each other. Coaching is for everyone who wants to develop in their work or as a person and discover new dimensions of themselves.”

“Before Fashion Unit, I didn’t really know anything about modeling. I went to My Style model coaching to challenge myself and I learned to enjoy myself in front of the camera and bring my own attitude to catwalk and shoots.”

“I have found Model Coaching to be comfortable and instructive. The course has provided me with enough instruction to acquire the necessary skills for modeling. The best part of Model Coaching, in my opinion, has been the portfolio shoots, and after the shoots, I would have even wanted to stay in front of the camera for a longer time.
I look forward to jobs as a model to meet new people, experience a lot of new things, and step outside of my comfort zone.

 - Nikolas Thusberg, Fashion Unit's model. 

Styling for companies

Does your company need polishing?
We offer stage confidence in work and everyday life situations. Do you want to be smooth both in front of the camera and on stage and in the lecture hall? There's room for all kinds of personalities in this wonderful training. To begin with, we will map out each individual's personal starting points, as development takes place within the framework of individual capabilities. The issues dealt with in the training process are directly exploitable in the workplace. 

Our coaching can be combined with well-being at work days.

Each training package is tailored to your  and your company's needs.

Let's work together!

Training for companies


My Style by Fashion Unit is aimed at every man and woman who wants to develop their style, learn how to highlight their best qualities and find new tips on how to dress.

An initial assessment is always carried out with each one to be trained, on the basis of which the styling package is personalized. It is also possible to do styling sets with a group of friends and enjoy time together at the same time. You can also take a moment of your own in style and fashion.

Styling sets are carried out in cooperation with professionals in different fields. We also offer the opportunity for a change in life and the keys to finding inner and external beauty.

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My Style Model Coaching

My Style Model Coaching gives the basic knowledge and skills to women and men interested in model work over 14 years of age. The training gives you the ability to act as a display, photography and PR model. There are no height requirements. 

My Style Modeling teaches you the common rules of the industry, poses, correct walking styles, and performance and interaction skills. Coaching is the best and fastest way to become a model.

The coaches are experts in beauty, fashion, health and performance. You will get tips for a comprehensive personal style update as well as help with dressing and a healthy diet.

My Style Model Coaching

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